tirsdag 3. juni 2008

STRIKE-and not the bowling kind

as some of you might know, i work as a teacher at the elementary and have done so since december of last year. though it is a job i enjoy alot, probably the best job i've ever had, it doesnt pay what it takes to get by for the average kind of citizen. personally i manage; living home at the moment, not paying rent nor food (yeah, lame but very economic).

these past days though, the teachers of norway are putting their feet down and protested. as of thursday this week: NO work until we get the money we deserve to educate the next generation. your kids will have NO school to go to, NO extra curricular activities on the menu etc etc.
and the whole ideology of storaging the nation's kids fall apart!
genious, isn't it?

well, for the kids, yes. whereas for me, a first year assistant without connections to the federations of trade unions, i simply cannot STRIKE. meaning, i have to go to work every day at 9 am; and be there under supervision by my boss; NOT DOING CRAP, until 4.15. then i can go home.

WHAT THE HECK. for all that matters, i could have gone to the bahamas during the strike. sipping pina coladas. but no. i have to sit and do nothing.

but i have to underline that i DO support the strike. teachers are nececcities in the society who one should never underestimate. HOWEVER, how things are working out for the underdogs (read: me); im not digging. when it all comes down to it, teachers go through more shit on a normal school week than most people do today in a year.
i will give an example: today, after i had been kicked in my leg by an eight year old ADHD kid (for telling him to stop pulling my hear), I had to pick up a poop that one of the first graders had left for everyone to see. that stinks.