mandag 25. mars 2013

mandag 11. mars 2013


lørdag 2. mars 2013

new readjustments of future plans

Hopefully I will have my bachelor degree in English done by this semester.

I have applied for a couple of jobs for the summer. I will work hard in order to harvest as much money as possible.

September 3rd the physical education semester starts up in Rio, Brazil!

School's out December 10th, and I will head back to Norway.

January 2014 I will go ahead with my South East Asia trip I have been planning. I will start up in Vietnam and work my way through Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysa. This will take me about 2 months.

Second semester of physical education will be held in Bali, March 3rd.

After that I will have to take a year of PPU (practical pedagogics education) - which you need in order to become a teacher.

If everything goes according to the plan, I will be done with all my studies by the summer of 2015., ready to become a real working-adult. I will almost be 27 years- still quite young I guess.

Here are some random pics: