mandag 24. oktober 2011


I arrived Rio in pouring rain. I thought to myself, dont panic, this is probably just temporary. But in the back of my mind I knew I had briefly read somehting about the rainy season staring up around the middle of October. I spent 5 days in Rio. These are my highlights from Brasil - Being on top of the Sugar Loaf:
- Visiting the Jesus statue (el Corcovado):
- Lapa stairs:
and of course, the hangliding I did:
IHLA GRANDE, incredible weather:
and last but not least, the Iguazu falls!
So breathtakingly beautiful! I spent two days seeing to falls, the first on the brasilian side and today I crossed to border by bus and saw it from the argentine side:) Its a national park and I have seen ALOT of animals! Right now im in Puerto de Iguazu in Argentina now. I'm contemplating on wether to go to Paraguay for a day trip tomorrow or just to chill at the hostel until the bus leaves for Buenos Aires 5 in the afternoon. Weather forecaste says its going to rain alot.

tirsdag 11. oktober 2011


Marlon Brando
Kate Winslet
Kiera Knightley
Dakota Fanning in The Runaways
M.I.A toying with her life
Paastaatt sitat av Marie Antonette
Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antonette
Silence of the Lambs
Kate Moss

søndag 9. oktober 2011


CLICK TO ENLARGEN Leaving in less than a week now = me a happy girl

tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

hold on to my light

Mean Girls
Kate Winslet - Baltazaar
Jean Paul Gaultier, Spring 2012
Lenny Kravitz - The Block by Steven Pan, 2011

lørdag 1. oktober 2011