fredag 17. februar 2012

Here I go again on my own

Im flying to Manchester tonight. I have never been to England before! I am going to couch surf there over the weekend (should be interesting) and then Im off to YORK. I will be staying at a guest house with some other english students from my University and attend a two week course there. I hear its a beautiful town and it will def be nice with a change of scene. I should probably get done packing now. Wish me luck!

torsdag 16. februar 2012

where the wild roses grow

photo by Zoe in 2010. Time flies.

tirsdag 14. februar 2012

in that moment I swear we were infinite

Etna volcano eruption
louise brooks <3
lysefjord, norway
kirsten dunst true heart
marilyn monroe '56
kate moss
kate moss
emma watson

lørdag 4. februar 2012

nobody knows where my johnny has gone

ny kroellstang i dag.

no te pierdas

dandelion tat
norway is ok
ryan gosling
lara stone, perfection
lindsey wixson
christina ricci
audry hepburn
Amelie. Saw this movie again yesterday. i love her hair!

fredag 3. februar 2012

where is my mind. head. social skills.

apparently completely gone! or maybe it was just that one person that made me turn into such a pathetic teenage girl blushing when encountering this tall dark almost-stranger that suddenly stood next to me next to the grocery stand. without thinking approching him although not knowing this person enough to really do so, speaking foolish every-day jibberish only to converse, just a little over 24-hours since first briefly meeting, when listening to an equally jibberish-characterized debate. perhaps I lost my social skills, or at least my ability to talk to the opposite sex, by the vegetable stand tonight (what a freak i must've seemed). but then again i might never have possessed this skill in the first place. i think not; which is sad and ironic at the same time. conclusion; I feel a)embarrassment b)surprised by the fact that i still could become so embarrassed c)surprised by this new and insecure side of myself. one would think I ought to know myself by this point; 23 years and 4 months with me own company. fascinating!
non related picture.