mandag 30. november 2009

Fechas y incidentes mas importantes de la historia de México.

1810: Miguel Costilla y Hidalgo: El Grito de Dolores.
1813: Jose Maria Morelos proclamo la independencia en el Congreso de Chilpancingo.
1821: Plan de Iguala.
1821: Independencia de Mexico el 27 de septiembre de 1821.
1822: Agustin I de Iturbide – El Primer Imperio Mexicano.
1823: Republica. Santa Anna.
1824: La Constitucion de 1824. Mantenia las privelegios de la Iglesa Catolica. Muy conservadora.
1828-1833: Guadalupe Victoria
1828: Golpe de Estado: Vicente Guerrero
Conflicto entre federalistas (liberales) y centralistas (conservadores)
1833: Golpe de Estado por los liberales, con Santa Anna como Presidente.
Las Reformas Liberales.
1834: Rebelion conservadora. Santa Anna asumio el mando.
Golpe de Estado: liberal.
1836: Texas independiente. 1945: Taxas formal parte de los EEUU.
1839: Primer intervencion francesa.
1946-1948: Guerra contra las EEUU. Perdio territorio: Nueva Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, California, Arizona, parte de Wyoming y Kansas. $15 000 000.
1854-1855: La Revolucion de Ayutla. Termino la presidencia de Santa Anna.
1855: Triunfo el liberalismo: Termino el regimen de Santa Anna.
1855-1958: Ignacio Comonfort.
Leyes de la Reforma: Ley Juarez: igualdad ante la ley, y La Ley Lerdo: Ta jorda fra kirken og privatiserte den.
1857: La Constitucion de 1857: liberal., garantizo libertades individuales.
1857-1861: Guerra de la Reforma.
1861: Comonfort a exilio. Conservadores en el capital. Juares retoma el control.
1861-1867: Ocupacion francesa.
1864-1867: Segundo imperio mexicano: Emperaor Maximiliano y Carlota (de Austria).
1867-1872: La Republica Restaurada. Benito Juarez como presidente. Reformas liberales.
1872-1876: Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada.
1876-1880: Golpe militar. Porfirio Diaz(El Porfiriato 1876-1910).
1880-1884: Manuel Gonzales - (marioneta de Diaz.)
1884-1911: Porfirio Diaz.
1911-13: Revolucion Mexicano. Francisco Madero. El Plan de San Luis.
El plan de Ayala (Emiliano Zapata).
1911-1913: Victoriano Huerta. Intervencion de los EEUU; gobierno conservador.
1914-1817: Guerra Civil: Zapatistas y Villinistas vs. Cerranza.
1917: Ciudad de Mexico controlada por rebeldes;Villa+Zapata: La Constitucion de 1917.
1917-1920: Venustiano Cerranza.
La Reforma Agraria: Las relaciones entre la Iglesia y el Estado.
1920-1924: Alvaro Obregon.
1920-tallet: Los Cristeros.
1928: PNR/PRI creado por Plutarco Elias Calles.
1928-1934: Plutarco Elias Calles.
1934-1940: Lazaro Cardenas.
1938: Nasjonalisering av landets oljeressurser. Internasjonal boibokk av landet.
Reforma Agraria.
1940-50: Industrializacion: økonomisk oppsving.
1968: OL i Mexico City. Protesta estudiantil en Tlatelolco, masacre.
1970: Rapida urbanizacion y crecimiento poblacional. Crisis economica.
1977: La Reforma Politica.
1980-tallet: Preget av oljedrevet rikdom.
1985: Terremoto en Ciudad de Mexico.
1986. Fotball VM.
1990-tallet: økonomisk nedtur.
1994: Chiapas: El zapatismo – demandas sociales for los indígenas.
Pesoen falt kraftig i verdi. Carlos Salinas (PRI) fikk skylden.
2000: Vicente Fox (PAN) etter uavbrutt PRI-dominans i 71 år.
2006: Felipe Calderon (PAN).

lørdag 28. november 2009

ka d går i for augneblinken

eg helde på å gå på veggane av å lese latinamerikansk historie!
eg har valgt å fokusere på Argentina, Mexico og Chile, då det er mest sannsynlig at det er det vi kan få på eksamen.

lister over viktige presidenter/ledere i:

1920–24 Arturo Alessandri y Palma
1924 Militærjunta
1925 Arturo Alessandri y Palma
1927–31 Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
1932–38 Arturo Alessandri y Palma - gjenganger altså
1938–41 Pedro Aguirre Cerda (haha, nevnes bare fordi cerdo=gris:p)
1946–52 Gabriel González Videla
1952–58 Carlos Ibáñez del Campo
1964–70 Eduardo Frei Montalva
1970–73 Salvador Allende Gossens - populisme/sosialisme
1973–90 Augusto Pinochet Ugarte - militærkupp av Pinochet/CIA/USA
1990–94 Patricio Aylwin Azócar - frie valg
2006– Michelle Bachelet Jeria - kvinnelig president!

jose de san martin
antonio de santa anna
juan manuel de rosas
justo jose de urquiza
bartolome mitre
julio argentina roca
hipolito yrigoyen
gobierno militar
juan domingo peron
arturo frondizi
arturo illia
juan domingo peron
isabelita de peron
gobierno militar: jorge videla
roberto viola
leopoldo galtierra
raul alfonsin
carlos menem
nestor kirchner
cristina fernandez de kirechner

Lista de presidentes de México
1821-1823 Agustín de Iturbide
1824-1829 Guadalupe Victoria
1833 Valentín Gómez Farías
1833-1835 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1839 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1841-1842 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1843 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1844 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1847 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1853-1855 Antonio López de Santa Anna
1855-1872 Benito Juárez García
1864-1867 Fernando Maximiliano de Habsburgo
1872-1876 Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada
1876-1880 Porfirio Díaz
1880-1884 Manuel González
1884-1911 Porfirio Díaz
1911-1913 Francisco I. Madero
1913-1914 Victoriano Huerta Ortega
1914-1920 Venustiano Carranza
1920 Adolfo de la Huerta
1920-1924 Álvaro Obregón
1924-1928 Plutarco Elías Calles
1934-1940 Lázaro Cárdenas del Río
1988-1994 Carlos Salinas de Gortari
2000-2006 Vicente Fox Quesada

Eva/Evita Perón. Juán Peróns 2. kone. Døde av kreft i '52. Aktiv presidentkone som talte for kvinnene og arbeiderne. Júan Peróns 3 og siste kone. Tok av da han strauk med. førte en ekstemt høyrevendt personisme og en voldelig politikk. styrte bare i to år før et militærkupp fjernet henne. og godt var det! stol aldri på en person med liten overleppe, sier jeg.
Michelle Bachelet Jeria i Childe. Nåværende presidenta, med 3 barn fra like mange menn! Mette Marit-power!
Cristina Fernándes de Kirchner - Argentinas nåværende presidenta. tok over mannen(?) Néstors politikk. gjør det forholdsvis bra.

torsdag 26. november 2009

the end is near

It's the end of the world as we know it...

I just watched 2012 with my brother Henrik. We are both suckers for doomsday movies. I think that science-ficton is fascinating because like to imagine how powerful nature in the worst-case-scenario can be....and how small human kind are in comparison... In the big picture, you know.

My history thus far with movies belonging to this category is rather long. As mentioned above, the 1996-Independence Day is a classic. Armageddon, I Robot, The Core, I am Legend are also on the list. The 1998-movie Deep Impact with teen-Frodo can also be mentioned. More recent movies can be Jake Gyllenhaal's The Day After Tomorrow, and Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds (hate that guy).

The rundown of most of the science-fiction movies from the last decade, is that the President of the United States of America is black and played my Morgan Freeman. The protagonists last name is Smith and usually ends up as the last living person on earth/saves mankind. At the top of this, he has helluva lotta cool frases throughout the movie - like: "No, you did NOT shoot that green shit at me!" or "(...)just a little anxious to get up there and whoop E.T.'s ass, that's all!" Which makes him look like the coolest most doable man on earth.

Although the last president of the Americas is not played by Morgan Freeman butDanny Glover Mel Gibsons sidekick in(Leathal Weapon), unfortunately, this movie is a cliché. The main character is played by the B-actor John Cusack (Must Love Dogs, Thin Red Line, Con Air), whom by my opinion doesn't quite measure up for the part. The movie is based on the the warning of the indigenous Mayan Calender, that has foreseen the end of the world for 2000 years, while the rest of the world have been oblivious. Tagline: We Were Warned. Cusack plays Jackson Curtis, a unsuccesful writer and a divorced man. He's bitter on his ex-wifes new boyfriend, who his own son seems to prefer to him. So he decides to take his kids on on a hiking trip to the Yellowstone National Park for some quality time to restore the lost harmony. Here he encounters a mad/genious conspirator, played by no other than Woody Harrelson, who sends out his warnings on his own radio channel from the Park. Slowly he begins to learn that the nature isn't as it should be and that there's some suspicious things going on with the army on the site. The ground starts to shake and make huge cracks dramatically in a grocery store. Curtis travels back to town, picks up his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. They miraculously makes their way through a collapsing city, inspired by 60 in Sixty Seconds and alot of luck. Then they manouvre themselves away in a mini airplan just as the entire city is sinking into the core of the earth. They are able to make their way to China in order to get on the giant modern "Noah's Ark" (which the government has been secretly constructing over the past two years in order to save mankind). There are also other important characters included in the movie, like the geologist Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor - American Gangster, Love Actually). There are huge natural disasters, a lot of unlikely luck,and last minute resolutions. And it all comes down to a 158 minutes long motion picture. long.

Well, nothing I haven't seen before. Some of the scenes were very predictable. Fair enough for easy entertaining. I speculate that the director, german Roland Emmerich, plays on all the strings his paranoid american audience possibly have. Would it surprise you if I revealed that he was also behind The Day After Tomorrow,
Independence Day and Godzilla
? Hehe.
I throw my dice and give it....a 4.

Afterwards Henrik and I discussed the movie over lasange and pizza at Pasta Centralen. What we found the most curious was that the italian President had patriotically chosen to stay with his country in stead of joining the Ark. I mean c'mon - I doubt Silvio Berlusconi would have gone down with his ship:p

mandag 23. november 2009


there aren't alot of christian bands out there that i can declare my fandom of. Live, Creed, Little Big Town are among the few whose names i can mention in this category. However, the british rock band Delirious? must be my absolute favorite. Especially their beautiful Inside Outside lies close to my heart, and is one of my favorite songs of all times. Surprisingly its rather rare, and I cant even find it on Spotify. It belongs on their 2003 album World Service. its a longing melancholic song about how consuming love can be. check it out!

Inside outside, under my skin
Never ending love I dont know where it begins?
I dont know where it ends, I dont know how high
I dont know how deep, I dont know how wide
Outside inside around the world
Never ending love envelops me like a cloud
I feel you in front, I feel you behind
I feel you up above, And I feel you at the side

And you, youre all over me, youre all over me
Your banner is over me, I give it all cos

You still captivate me, fascinate me
You still captivate me, saturate me

Inside outside, pulling me in
No matter where I run I know youll never give in
I see you in the storm, I see you in a kiss
Ive been around the world and never found a love like this

Youre all over me, youre all over me
Youre everything I want to be
Im all over you, youre everything I want to see
Youre all over me

You, still captivate me, fascinate me
You still captivate me, saturate me
You still captivate me, liberate me
You still captivate me

sort enke

leighton meester
lady gaga!
black widows

lørdag 21. november 2009

victoria's secret new edition

sjekk ut midja! haha
miranda kerr - orlando bloom's girlfriend
marisa miller - skinny old bitch!

selta ebanks - gorgeous bitch!

det er mye som kan sies i forbindelse med disse gudelignende kvinneskapningene., men det eneste jeg vil tilføye i denne sammenheng er: Få Victoria's Secret til Norge!

PS: Adriana Lima er den fineste VS-modellen!


last night, a friday at that, i stayed safe and sound at home with two of my flatmates., just chilling watching tv and surfing the web on each our laptops. bente again tipped me off on a amusing and time consuming website., called where unlucky people add their sad/funny stories. there are some extremely funny enteries on there., like the top rated "fuck my life" entery:

Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got the birthdate wrong. Then I picked up the birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents has been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML

random picture. i think my thoughts would have been - fuck my life - if i woke up to that breast surgery as of Jordan Price.

fredag 20. november 2009

female curves

these are some of the drawings ive made of the female body. its my favorite theme in art, because im so fascinated about the beauty and softness of the female body shape. i can understand how men are so intrigued by us!:)

torsdag 19. november 2009

Bente tipped me off on this brilliant website dedicated to all the smart people of facebook (read: stupid americans) who expresses themselves in various intelligent manners (read: people making a complete fool out of themselves by posting ignorant status updates/comments/pictures). very entertaining and time wasting.

my favorite is perhaps status updates like this:
"cannot wait till im in collage"
"as long as you have good u don't need anything god will be there for u throw the hard times and easy times. He will love us 24/7 345 days a year.


onsdag 18. november 2009

I wanna sleep with common people (like you)

Pulp - Common People. song's from 1996., i like it. my v/good friend Sid tipped me off on this one. see, i've just gotten myself SPOTIFY. now im one of the cool kids! i know Jonathan! And Roberta!yay!

She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge
she studied sculpture at St Martin's college
that's where I
caught her eye
She told me that her Dad was loaded
I said "In that case I'll have rum and coca-cola."
she said "Fine,"
and then in thirty seconds time she said
"I want to live like common people
I want to do whatever common people do
I want to sleep with common people
I want to sleep with common people like you."
or what else could I do?
I said "I'll see what I can do."

I took her to a supermarket
I don't know why, but I had to start it somewhere
so it started there
I said "Pretend you've got no money."
but she just laughed an said "Oh you're so funny."
I said "Yeah?
Well I can't see anyone else smiling in here
Are you sure?
Are you sure you want to live like common people
you want to see whatever common people see
you want to sleep with common people
you want to sleep with common people like me?"
But she didn't understand
she just smiled and held my hand

Rent a flat above a shop
cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
`cos when you're laid in bed at night
watching roaches climb the wall
if you called your Dad he could stop it all
You'll never live like common people
you'll never do what common people do
you'll never fail like common people
you'll never watch your life slide out of view
and then dance, and drink, and screw
because there's nothing else to do

Sing along with the common people
sing along and it might just get you through
Laugh along with the common people
laugh along even though they're laughing at you
and the stupid things that you do
because you think that poor is cool

Like a dog lying in a corner
they will bite and never warn you
Look out
they'll tear your insides out
[something muffled underneath, maybe: I'm sorry,
Mr Dalton, there's no need to be concerned]
`cos everybody hates a tourist
especially one who thinks it's
all such a laugh
yeah and the chip stain's grease will come out in the bath
You will never understand
how it feels to live your life
with no meaning or control
and with nowhere else to go
You are amazed that they exist
and they burn so bright whilst you can only wonder why

Rent a flat above a shop
cut your hair and get a job
Smoke some fags and play some pool
pretend you never went to school
But still you'll never get it right
`cos when you're laid in bed at night
watching roaches climb the wall
if you called your Dad he could stop it all
You'll never live like common people
you'll never do what common people do
you'll never fail like common people
you'll never watch your life slide out of view
and dance, and drink, and screw
because there's nothing else to do

I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
I want to live with common people like you
Aa-aa-ah la la la la...
Oh yeah. carolina

in other news, ive started going to the studyhall and STUDY,. since my exams are approching ridiculously fast. and i dont intend to flunk, although its not looking too good at the moment. so, if you would excuse me, i have to get back to my argentinian history:
"Hello, my name is Juan Manuel de Rosas, and I am one of the many dictators named Juan in the history of Latin America!"

lørdag 14. november 2009

girls are easy, boys are free

Friis & Company

et vink var alt som skulle til for at han skulle si "I like your style"

torsdag 12. november 2009

brand new gaga obsession

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

disturbing. fascinating. ridiculous. just the way we like it!

tirsdag 10. november 2009

brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

Ke$ha - Tic Tock

im prolly gonna end up hating this song cus its very likely they'll overplay it on the radio the following weeks, or shall i say months. anywho, catchy as fuck!

well., in other news, BFF Renate was in town visiting on monday. it was lovely to see her again. we went to Cafe Opera and had dinner. glaideg

my oldest cousin Marie, aka. Mie (who is also a DOCTOR if i may add), arrived bergen last night by plane. She and her doctor friend spent the night in my double bed. they are attending a funeral today, so the least i could do was lending them my room for one night. we sat in the kitchen last night and drank tea and chatted about old and new times. very cosey. love her too. personally, i slept on the sofa. which wasn't that bad in all honesty!

and! i am on the path of recovery as far as me being sick. at the moment im only somewhat stuffed up. its safe to say i DO NOT have the friggen swine-flue, to all you paranoid friends of mine out there.

mandag 2. november 2009

Tarea de literatura

Forrige fredag brukte jeg hele dagen på lesesalen og skrev en tekst om den chilenske forfatteren Pablo Neruda. Det var i forbindelse med en frivillig oppgave i litteraturklassen min. Jeg har tidligere blogget om Neruda's dikt Poema Veinte, som du kan lese her. aPROPOSITO; så vet jeg allerede at jeg er alt for detaljert om livet til forfatteren, og har for lite om selve diktet. men ha min tidsknappet i mente!

Her er teksten min. Legg igjen kommentarer om du forstår noe!



En esta tarea voy a escribir sobre Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) y su obra principal Poema Veinte. Pienso que Neruda apela a mucha gente con su voz corriente y sus cuentas de amor y desesperación. Habló en nombre de los oprimidos que no tienen los recursos para hacerlo mismo. Dentro su vida viajaba mucho, entonces la distancia de su país le dio un sentimiento de soledad que se convirtió a su escritura.

El autor
El autor chileno era nacido en una pueblecito llamado Parral. Cuándo era 2 años la familia se trasladó a Temuco; dónde Neruda pasó la mayor parte de su infancia y juventud. Su nombre original era Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, pero todo el mundo conocerle como su seudónimo Pablo Neruda. Su interés de escritura comenzó en una edad temprano. Ya en 1917 publica su primer artículo en un diario local. Tuvo 17 años cuándo mueve a Santiago para estudiar francés en la Universidad de Chile. Quería ser profesor. Fue aquél que él inicio su interés de poesía con rigor. Publicó su primera colección de poemas en 1923; llamado Crepusculario. La colección Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada fue publicada el año siguiente. La última queda a ser su obra más famosa dentro toda su carrera profesional. En este punto, empezó a ser reconocido como un escritor, tanto dentro como fuera de su país. Aunque experimentó un éxito, fue molestado por la pobreza – entonces elegí moverse. Fui a Asia para trabajar en un cónsul honorario en diferentes países. Conoció a su primera esposa en Singapur, una mujer neerlandesa, quien le dio su único hija. En su vida tuve totalmente tres esposas.

Volvió a Chile, para entonces ir a trabajar con cargos diplomáticos en Buenos Aires, Paris, Barcelona y Madrid. En España se hizo amigos cómo los autores César Vellejo y Gabriela Mistral. En 1940 fui a México para trabajar como Cónsul General. Allí se le dio la mala noticia de la muerte de su hija de 8 años de edad. Poco tiempo después escribió Canto General; una obra que es considerado como un poema importante. El poema épico narra la historia de América del Sur desde el punto de vista de los pobres, los esclavos y los campesinos. Al lado de sus obras de poesía; también trabajó con prosa y el periodismo. Ganó el Premio Nobel de Literatura en 21 de octubre de 1971.

La Guerra Civil y el régimen de Francisco Franco estuve en curso en aquél tiempo de que Neruda vivió en España. Neruda se hizo muy ocupado con la política y el movimiento republicano y anti-fascista. Allí escribió España en el Corazón, un libro de poemas sobre los horrores de la guerra. El libro fue concebido como un tributo a la gente que luchó contra el régimen. Neruda admiraba a líderes comunistas como Joseph Stalin, Vlademir Lenin y Fulgienco Batista. A si mismo se caracteriza como stalinista. Más tarde también escribió un himno a Fidel Castro.

En 1948 publicó un articulo pen el diario El Nacional de Caracas en Venezuela. Este articulo criticó el gobierno. Por eso tenían que ir a exilio unos años. Regresó a Chile en 1952. En 1969, Neruda se presentó como candidato a la presidencia por el Partido Comunista. Sin embargo, se retiró en nombre de su amigo, Salvador Allende.

El Contexto
No hay duda de que Neruda fue uno de los escritores más típicos del modernismo de aquél tiempo. Muchas críticas también le caracterizan como un escritor vanguardia. Este género (francés: avant-garde) fue un movimiento cultural que buscaba nuevas maneras para expresar los realidades personales y sociales en el contexto de la independencia política. La distancia de su país le dio un sentimiento de soledad que se convirtió a su escritura.

El texto
He elegido escribir de Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada porqué me gusta su manera de usar bastante sencillo palabras, al mismo tiempo que es extravagante y original. El tono es personal y humano y tiene formas libres. El poema es caracterizado como una obra de neorromántico. El neorromanticismo fue una corriente literaria que sigue después la restauración en España durante los finales del siglo XIX). Aunque en muchas contextas piensen que Neruda fue vanguardista, los dos primeras obras no fue. Debido a su contenido, se dice que son calificados como mimbres del modernismo.

En Poema XX trata más que nada sobre el amor de una mujer y su destrucción de ella. Cuenta cosas familiares que hacen que la audiencia se reconocen a sí mismos. A pesar de su tono melancólico, es un homenaje a los placeres de la vida.

trondheim weekend

tok fly med volleyballaget mitt til bartebyen for å delta i turnering over helgen. noen sov på hotell, men jeg tenkte det var bedre å kræsje hos min kjære kusine Line, som bor og studerer der. så om kvelden hoppet jeg av flybussen utenfor "Samfunnet", hvor jeg hadde avtalt å møte Line. De spilte Bo Kaspers Orkestra innen på Samfunnet, og det tok en stund før jeg skjønte at det var live, hehe. De spilte akkurat den låta jeg liker best: "jag var en av mange menn....jag var en mann du tyckte ooooom!".
Etter litt kom Line som avtalt, med et par øl innabords og en sykkel. Huset hennes lå et lite stykke unna, så hun foreslo at jeg skulle sitte på sykkelsetet, mens hun stod på pedalene. jeg hadde en liten trillekoffert med. den balanserte jeg på hodet mens jeg holdt den andre hånden rundt line. hahahaha! tror ikke jeg har ledd på mye på lenge. det var nok et mildt sakt komisk syn der vi trillet nedover veien.

etter mye stress med busser som aldri kom, klarte jeg å komme meg til idrettshallen hvor turneringen ble holdt - på Dragvollsenter. Den første kampen spilte vi mot Stod. og led et surt nederlag. det var ingen artig kamp. vi burde ha klart å vinne over dem. for helgens anledning hadde vi dog en vikar-legger, altså en som vanligvis ikke spiller legger...noe som kanskje var en faktor som gjorde at ting virket uvant for lagets harmoni. vel vel. den andre kampen vi spilte, like etter, kom Hilde og Line for å se på. Dét gikk heller ikke veien, og vi måtte se oss slått av et bedre lag. To tap på rad som var innledende og avgjørende kamper.., som gjorde at vi fant oss på den nederste delen av mulige endelig plassering.
etter kampene ble jeg med jentene som bodde på hotell for å dusje og gjøre oss klare til å gå ut for en matbit. vi gikk på Egon, og spiste sammen med herrelaget. det var greit nok, delte en pizza med Mari. etter å ha spist ferdig annonserte jeg min tilbaketrekning, og møtte Line for litt videre sosialisering. det var Halloween og var feststemning overalt. folk i gatene og på busset i syke kostymer. vi gikk på jentevors til en venninne av Line. jeg forholdt meg mer eller mindre edruelig. jeg var der ikke så lenge. kjente jeg var litt sliten, så tok bussen tilbake til Line's hus alene., hvor en natt med psykodelisk drømming stod for følge (dont ask).

på vors

stod opp og vekket en fyllesyk Line for å finne ut av bussruter. masse tull frem og tilbake., stod å ventet uti regnet på en buss som aldri kom. endte omsider opp med å ta taxi til hallen for å rekke kampen. vi spilte to kamper, mot henholdsvis Øksil til (jeg er så dårlig å huske lagnavn). Det var to skikkelgi sære kamper. vi tapte 1.settet i begge kampene, for så å absolutt knuse dem i det følgende! 3. settet (15 p.) var også en lett affære. mot Øksil tror jeg det ble sånn 5-15! digg å vinne de to kampene vi hadde. 2/4 kamper totalt. desverre vant vi ikke de viktigste kampene, og havnet på en begrederlig 11.plass totalt. men sånn er det av og til.tap og vinn med samme sinn, som dom sejer.

flyet vårt tilbake til bergen skulle gå kl 20.45 om kvelden, og vi var ferdige i 1-tiden i hallen., så jeg busset ned til sentrum og møtte Hilde. vi gikk på Burger King og spiste skikkelig junk. lovely. vi satt og pratet om alt i kanskje 2 1/2 time,. før vi beveget oss til Dromedar café, hvor vi møtte Line. Line studerte i Bergen i fjor, og vi pleide å gå på den lokale Dromedar kafeén på Nordnes, sitte i vinduet og drikke chili-kaffi og lage fiktive livshistorier til folka som gikk forbi utenfor. love her. vi satt på kafeen en stund, før Hilde fulgte meg til busstasjonen og flybussen. flyturen hjem var turbulent. jeg merket jeg var sliten av å være sosial en hel helg. trenger litt alenetid. en på laget spydde i dét flyet landet. uff. kan ikke ha vært så artig.

konklusjon: skjønner hvorfor folk liker Trondheim. det er en kul by. litt bitter for at jeg gikk glipp av Eline's halloweenfest her i Bergen, men fikk i gjengjeld sosialisert meg med folk som betyr mye for meg:)

tilbake til skolen i dag. hver mandag ser vi en latinamerika-relatert film i kulturfaget vårt. og de er like triste og rørende hver gang. så mandager griner jeg alltid.
faen det er begynt å bli mørkt tidlig. jeg liker det ikke.

gratulerer med 20-årsdagen JULIE! :D