onsdag 29. september 2010

free falling

i have to:
get an electrician (we havent had light in our appartment the last 5 days)
write an essay about religion
write another essay, about abuse
clean my room
pick up my laundry
go to class
go to volleyball practice
have a talk with someone about something
...i think thats about it

tirsdag 28. september 2010

lets not exaggerate

so its nice to pretend
but just cus it is pleasant
doesnt make it right
when i know its for all the wrong reasons
boundaries needs to be set for this to go on
i just dont know if its possible to go back
once the line has been crossed

søndag 26. september 2010

bad news...

last night me and my friend Fernando was out walking around 11 pm. as we were walking up some long stairs a guy comes up behind us with a rock in his hands and pushed us up towards a wall. three other guys comes out of nowhere surrounding us. this was a little outside of town.

at first i was calm. fernando stood in front of me. they took his shoes and wallet and cellphone. and both our house keys. they ripped my purse off. i didnt have anything more on me, but they continued trying to seach my pockets..but i didnt have pockets on the jeans i was wearing. then the one guy started to touch me... it was gross. i started to cry and sat down to avoid his hands. fernando tried protecting me so they hit his nose and then kicked his head with one of the rocks, before making a run for it. the two of us ran downwards to the main street where we made a person call the police and an ambulance. fernando was bleeding so much, i dont think ive ever seen so much blood at once.

the ambulance was sort of late, but they finally arrived after the police had finished to question him. we drove to the hospital where they stiched him up. i was outside waiting for about an hour or so.

we took a taxi back home. since i didnt have my keys we decided to wait on the terrace until my roomie would return from her night out. she didnt come back home until 5 am...

today im a little spooked about the incident, but im fine. nothing happend to me, but fernando looks pretty bad...im glad i wasnt alone. i dont dare to think what might have happend if i was alone with those junkies. it amazes me how some people completely lack empathy towards others...i guess if you are desperate enough all you can focus on is your own needs. nutheads, they couldve killed him with that rock...perros de la calle!!!

lørdag 25. september 2010

I freaking adore Lara Stone

for more excellent photos of this dutch beauty click here:
1, 2 & 3

fredag 24. september 2010

i have no idea what im doing

its not real
but we can pretend for a while

torsdag 23. september 2010

take a sad song and make it better

Oye, Jude, no lo estropees
Coge una canción triste y mejórala
Recuerda que has de hacerle un sitio en tu corazón
Sólo así podrán irte mejor las cosas
Oye, Jude, no tengas miedo
Naciste para hacerla tuya
En cuanto la metas en tu piel
Podrán empezar a irte mejor las cosas
Y cada vez que sientas dolor
Oye, Jude, déjalo
No cargues con el mundo a tus espaldas
Porque sabes muy bien que es de idiotas
Ir de chulo
Haciendo tu mundo un poco más frío
Oye, Jude, no me falles
Ahora que la has encontrado, hazla tuya
Recuerda, oye, Jude, que has de hacerle un sitio en tu corazón
Sólo así podrán irte mejor las cosas
Así pues, déjala a su aire
Oye, Jude, empieza ya
Estás buscando a alguien con quien tocar
¿Y no sabes que eres precisamente tú?
Oye, Jude, lo harás
El movimiento que necesitas está en tus hombros
Oye, Jude, no lo estropees
Coge una canción triste y mejórala
Recuerda que has de meterla en tu piel
Sólo así podrán irte mejor las cosas.

mandag 13. september 2010

to have balls

søndag 12. september 2010

for a minute there i lost myself

i was caught off guard when it happened
i shouldnt have been surprised that it did though
but i was
i reacted in an even more so unexpected way
i must ransome my self-perception to find out why
its not like it has bothered me before
maybe im growing up
just in a clumsy childish manner
little by little

fredag 10. september 2010

Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914)

Theodor Severin Kittelsen var norsk maler, tegner og bokkunstner. Som illustratør av norske folkeeventyr ved Asbjørnsen og Moe deler han førsteplassen med Erik Werenskiold og har vunnet seg en plass i hvert hjerte i Norges land. Han har ganske særlig preget forestillingen om troll og andre naturmytiske vesen. Kittelsens troll er groteske og nifs-vakre, inspirert av østnorske og nordnorske landskap. Mange mener at han én gang for alle har avgjort hvordan norske troll «egentlig ser ut».

Trollet som grunner på hvor gammelt det er, 1911
Huldra som forsvant
Soria Moria Slott, 1990
Nøkken, 1887-92
Kvitebjorn - Kong Valemon, 1912
Musstad, 1896
Skogtroll, 1906

Jeg minnes med stor glede disse bildene fra barneskolen og hvordan de satte fantasien i gang hos meg. Jeg er igjen blitt inspirert av folkeeventyrskikkelsen "huldra" og har tenkt aa tegne henne til eksamen i Dibujo...

torsdag 9. september 2010

tirsdag 7. september 2010

mandag 6. september 2010

Pervert Pop Song

Todays pick, two different types of songs that both speak to me

Plastilina Mosh - Pervert Pop Song

Amos Lee - Colors

lørdag 4. september 2010

Ventana, mirada inquisitiva

took some photos with Zoe and Enrique yesterday at my place, it was alot of fun. in the other photos i was dead, lying at the bottom of the stairs. they turned out really cool and i cant wait to see them.

click on it to enlarge

fredag 3. september 2010