torsdag 21. juni 2012


Greece was just what I needed. Here is a picture of me on a boat:

Here is a picture of a fabulous dress and shoes I bought for a good price:



We rented scooters and drove around on the island discovering the beaches

mandag 11. juni 2012

off to Skiathos in the morning

with my dear friend Renate! should be lovely! im in dire need of sun. Paid a visit to the hair dresser today and I am now a blonde again. Feels sort of strange after having been dark for one and a half year. here are so other treats for you until I return with pictures from the greek island in the sun:

lørdag 2. juni 2012

A mental mindfuck can be nice

barbra pelvin
Daphne Groeneve, photograped by Tim Walker for Dior
Mexican Mannequin by Jamal Rashid
Johnny Depp
Noomi Rapace
Rocky Horror Picture Show
the fabulous Bill Murray
Kristen Steward. I dont care if everyone thinks she always looks awkward and moody. I like her!
Game of Thrones. and lastly,
Today would have been Marilyns 86th birthday.