About me

Martine. Norway. Teacher. Lover of languages, travels and sports!

I prefer passing my time in warm places. I feel restless a lot of the time and I have a constant urge to see new places. Someday I hope I can be satisfied with being in one place... but it's beginning to dawn on me that it might never happen.

Nowadays my blog consist of lovely random pictures I pick up on the web. No rights reserved unless I say so.

I enjoy: good first impressions, having sand between my toes, smooth layovers, backpacking, pretty tattoos, snowboarding, languages, volleyball, being impulsive, scuba-diving, running in the sun, drawing and painting, scrapbooking, dressing up, and of course, more than anything, I value the company of close friends.

I am not so found of: small town mentalities, fantatics of any kind, crowds, tribal-tattoos and spiders.