onsdag 30. september 2009

cosas bonitas y un par de tragedias

the time was exactly sufficient
for me to forget why i turned around
only to do it all over again
you told me i am beautiful
dont tell me i am beautiful

i asked you what you think
and you pretended you didnt understand
of course you understand

in style with the season
im feeling sick
i dont need all of this
so i crawl back into bed
and hide

tirsdag 29. september 2009

posh and I

high fashion ads
armani? dior?
the sexy becks
...this is me trying to posh it up on a spice girls party we held, lol. im smiling though...which isnt very like her:p

mandag 28. september 2009

oops I did it again

i'm sorry to say
you were a victim of my loneliness
i lead you to believe something
that's just not there
which i knew perfectly well
still i went along
pretending for a few hours
this love game is something i'm good at being bad at
nothing is different than before
we're just a little older

i haven't learned anything
but for a few hours...it was nice.

søndag 27. september 2009

my first wedding

Friday i attended Vanessa and Egils' wedding in Førde. I came alone, and of course I arrived 30 minuites too early, so I sat there waiting for the dessert to be finished all by myself:p I knew ca. no one there! Almost only the bride. Some of the guests were spanish so I was able to communticate with them. Luckily an ex-collegue from the elementary school was also there, so I sat with her throughout the toasts and the cake. We got some free champaign and I bought a couple of beers. It was a beautiful wedding, and Vanessa looked absolutely stunning. When they danced the waltz my eyes were tearing up. I was also asked to dance the waltz (Tre Nøtter og Askepott-sangen) by a nice gentleman, and did my best, although I wasn't sure about the moves. I think I managed more or less good;) Later on, the girls and I danced MJ's Thriller moves...Haha, I laughed so hard! vanessas' friends moi wedding waltz cake egil y vanessa

fredag 25. september 2009

looking back: summer 2006

as u know im in my hometown right now. i was bored and came over some old pics on the computer from the summer of '06. thats the summer i returned from my exchange year in the states. i cant believe how BLONDE i was! it was disguisting! and ive also lost about 6 kilos since then. yeah, the american cousine definatly took its toll on my body lol. this is from our cabin in the country in Ålfoten. it was spent with my family, my cousins from Tromsø -Marie, Eleni and Line, and aunt Anne

hahaha! loook at my poor bangs.
family hiking
alone in the wilderness...
nice track shorts i got going there:p
Line and aunt Anne on top of a high mountain peak
love handles
how sad is it that my 55 yr old mother is skinnier than i? lol
running in the country
nice refreshment after the hike

torsdag 24. september 2009

love me feed me never leave me

God created war so that Americans would learn geography - quote by Mark Twain.

10.30: woke up after sleeping delightfully in my soft bed here in Førde. dreamt i met the bad guy i punched last week, only he had died his hair blue. he wanted to talk about it and ended up kissing me making up. sounds likely huh? wtf martine.
11: hot shower
11.20: dr. phil quality time
13.30: doctor appointment. needed a health sertificate when im applying for Uni.of Guanajuato. took a blood test, outch. let alone very expensive experience.
14.30: police station to get a new passport (also rather costily., if that's even a word).
14.45-16: café (Olefine) by myself+a "berlinerbolle", large coffee and newspaper. also read some of a spanish book for school. listend to Yo La Tengo and Soundabout (my friend Renates' band; hit them up on NRK Urørt!ps: "march of the clayman" and "128" r my fav.) I felt old but figured out. It was nice. It's been a long time since I've done something alone. I had almost forgotten how satisfying my own company sometime is.
16-17: Restaurant with parents (Pikant+Raspeballetorsdag). yummy - love me feed me never leave me.

overall a rainy day


ps. discovered i have a spanish paper due on monday in which i have yet to start. my books are in Bergen. fak. no actual time to do this. wedding 2morrow. back to town saturday, party at night. sunday? could be.

onsdag 23. september 2009

Blind Date y Onda Vaga

today was an eventful day:
9-10: Meeting with exchange coordinator about the process of my upcoming year in Mexico.
10-12: Spanish culture lecture
13: Royal period pains! fuck! paracet
14.30: BLIND DATE at Café Opera!
16.15: Relieved - it went well. I'm pretty sure there is going to be a next time:)
19: Conferanse @ SV Fakultetet (Latinamerika uken). Ecuador's ex-financial minister talked about the economy in Ecuador and about Banco Sur. In all honesty, I didn't follow much.
21.30: Sara, Gabriela and I went to Garage for the free concert by the argentinian band Onda Vaga. I adored them! Their sound was unique with a feel-good vibe. Very talented guys; I'm officially a fan! I had two beers before returning satisfied to casa.

Onda Vaga on myspace


Today - Wednesday - I jumped on a bus to my hometown Førde and to my parents' place. I'm going to attend my friend Vanessa's wedding on friday. I'm excited - I've never been to a wedding before. I know no one there, hope it's not gonna be awkward!:O Returning to the rainy city on Saturday.

mandag 21. september 2009


lørdag var jeg funkjonær i haukelandshallen fra 2-7. det var en lang dag med papirarbeid og diverse dømming. jeg var fyllesyk og trøtt etter fest og 4 timers søvn., men klarte meg. etterpå dro jeg opp til kjersti og spiste eplekake som moren hennes hadde bakt i anledning min bursdag, og tatt med til bergen da hun var på besøk:) marthe var der også. det var koselig.

søndag var det klart for åpningsturnering. jeg er blitt tildelt midtposisjon, til min store skuffelse:p neida. jeg har forståelse for at BSI's 1.divisjonslag allerede har nok gode kantspillere, og sier dermed til takke som midtspiller. i midlertidig:) så lenge jeg får spilletid så har jeg vel ikke så mye å klage over.

vel, vi vant 1 kamp. 2 kamp tap. 3. kamp klar seier. mens semifinalen endte med tap. (jeg tror det var slik rekkefølgen var). det var ekstra surt å tape mot Tambarskjelvar (gammel erkefiende fra tiden med Førde)., spesielt siden det var et såpass ungt lag vi tapte mot. jeg tok et par bilder siste kampen.

denne uken er det LATINAMERIKAUKEN. så i dag har jeg vært på et foredrag med to kvinner fra Venezuela og Bolivia på SV fakultetet, hvor de snakket om kvinnens posisjon i latin amerika. de snakket i godt over to timer, og den siste halvtimen ble spart til spørsmål fra publikum. det var ganske bra., men det var irriterende med oversetteren som brukte lang tid og var kanskje litt uklar (ikke at jeg hadde gjort bedre, men de fleste i salen kunne spansk fra før av, så det ble overflødig for oss). jeg kjeded meg litt i ettermiddag og lage en morsom sveis. check it out;) haha

PS: Jeg er kommet inn på Universitetet i Guanajuato i Mexico. Jeg reiser sammen med Ingrid. Gleder meg. I expect I shall stay there for one year.

my 21st bday party

friday i had appropiately 21 guests at my place, celebrating my 21st. the dresscode was classy/coctail. no beers were allowed:) i drank cosmopolitans. i received a bunch of cute gifts, including a red purse, earrings, jewelry, lotions, purses etc. etc. we had a real good time. later we went to Studenten for a ladies night. a guy dressed as a member of the YMCA did a striptease dance for (on) me. haha!

torsdag 17. september 2009

i'll never let you sweep me off my feet

La Roux! Så tøff tøff tøff.
Stjal denne fra julie

onsdag 16. september 2009

my friends are better than yours

last night some of my girls came over and we ate the cake i had made plus some brownies inger marie baked. we watched grey's anatomy and is was cosey:)

my second day being 21 was spent like this:
10-12: spanish litteratue lection
12-14: spanish litterature group work
14.30: tanning
15: interview over telephone with some girls who are doing a piece on "the darkside of being an exchange student". they had found a paper i wrote in my senior year of high school (that i'd published on skoleforum.no)on being an exchange student (link on the bar on right hand side of my blog, beneath "me, myself and i"). they contacted me via facebook and wondered if would be interviewed by them and if they could use quotes from my paper! i thought it was flattering:)
20.30-22: volleyball practice.

tirsdag 15. september 2009

forever 21

Woo hoo! I was born on this day 21 years ago! Congratulations to my twin brother Torstein as well. And Jessica.
I'm going to make a cake later (dont laugh) and watch Grey's Anatomy with my best friends. Friday is the party day and I'm having 20some of my closest friends over. Can't wait.

PS: How sad is it that I made that paint picture myself? haha

onsdag 9. september 2009

i wish we could run to the sun and never come back

i don't want anyone's help
i want to be my own savior
i just wonder when i'll come around

onsdag 2. september 2009

fly or die, sink or swim - which one shall I choose??

fristen for å søke om delstudier i utlandet nærmer seg med stormskritt, og jeg befinner meg i en hektisk forberedelsesperiode. jeg skal på veiledningstime hos studiekoordinator neste mandag, hvor jeg forhåpentligvis vil få svar på noen av spørsmålene jeg har.

jeg har hele tiden tenkt at jeg og Argentina har noe uoppgjort, og at det lå i korta for meg at jeg skulle til Buenos Aires. men nå er jeg ikke like sikker lenger. jeg har nemlig lest om UNESCO-byen Guanajuato i høyfjellene av Mexico, ca. 3 timer fra hovedstaden. jeg har lest studentrapportene derfra, og jeg synes det virker veldig koselig. Det er en by på str.på Bergen., i stor kontrast fra gigantbyen Buenos Aires. Mexico ligger allerede mitt hjerte nært, mens jeg ikke har noe personlig innrtykk av BA. What to do??

noen bilder fra Guanajuato

tirsdag 1. september 2009

my precious magic stick

i dag har eg gjort en investering for livet, dere. eg har nemlig gått til innkjøp som første person eg kjenner av en TRANSLATØRPENN, eller en superduppedings, om du vil. denne fantastiske nye teknologien skal hjelpe meg å stå på eksamene mine, og på denne måte få lov til å reise på utveksling til Argentina etter jul. det er planen min. funsjonen er at man SKANNER et fremmedord (i mitt tilfelle, et spansk et), og så oversetter denne utrolige pennen det til et engelsk synonym. på denne måte sparer jeg tid og penger (sistnevnte stemmer kanskje ikke helt, siden jeg måtte punge ut et halvt månedlig studielån på den)..., men man må se det store bildet her. jeg sparer penger i den forstand at jeg forhåpentligvis ikke kommer til å stryke i latinamerikastudiene, og slik spare penger jeg har brukt på studieutgifter, og jeg sparer tid ved at jeg allerede har viet og tilbrakt over et år på dette studiet. jeg tror jeg har tatt et fornuftig valg ved å kjøpe denne superduppedingsen. det synes mamma også, som tilbydde seg å betale 50%. det synes jeg var veldig generøst av henne. jeg tror hun er litt nervøs for at jeg kommer til å stryke også.

Quicktionary Premium 2, kr. 2499; på Studia.

only problem is, im having dificulties installing the spanish-english dictionary into the pen. er det noen som kan hjelpe meg? nei. trodde ikke det. ikke kjenner jeg noen dataeksperter som jeg kan ringe når dataen min får virus, og jeg kjenner hvertfall ikke noen som kan hjelpe meg med å installere "Quictionary Premium 2". frustrerende.

PS: Har begynt å spille volleyball igjen! det føles deilig og nødvendig. jeg liker ikke å ha mange baller i lufta samtidig, men volleyballen må jeg klare. Jeg er blitt akseptert på 1.divisjonslaget til BSI her i by'n! excited.

gammelt bilde av meg in action i USA:p